lunes, noviembre 19, 2007


I want to know why
You're letting this die
Without the the blink of an eye
you say that you need time
I say you'll be fine

If you would only see
Like you did before
You became imprisioned
Can I reopen the door

You say it doesnt matter
Then tell me what does
And why that isn't what
You've been thinking of
You say it's never easy
Then tell me what was
Is it never worth the pain
Could you believe it was

When life keeps living
That's what life keeps giving
To us

Once we were one mind
Drifting in one time
And ever true
We were friends
But something is gone from my
picture of this life

The hope has vanished from you eyes
You were my faith and one truth
There's every reason to get through
And you're why I know there's
a reason...

Estimados seguidores incondicionales, ha comenzado la semana decisiva para mí.
Tomaré nuevas decisiones. Tendré que mirar el mar con otro horizonte en mente.
Se vienen abruptos cambios, buenos para todos.
Se viene por fin... el camino a la verdad.

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